Nuzlocke Moon #2: See You In My Dreams

Let's Plays

DevinRogersWhen we last left off, I had just cleared Melemele Meadow and was ready to push on towards the battle with the first island’s Kahuna.  As I came to the end of Route 3, I noticed a trainer that would only battle me once all the other Route 3 trainers had been defeated.

Not one to pass up a challenge, I cleared Route 3 and prepared for the battle with the seemingly powerful trainer by putting Krueger to the front of the line.  As the match started, I was relieved to see the trainer use Rockruff.  Though at the time I didn’t realize Rockruff was a Rock-type, I figured he had a Normal moveset that couldn’t hit Krueger at all.

Oh how wrong I was.

092gastlyHe used Bite on his first turn, which is a Dark move.  It was both super effective and a critical hit.  In one fell swoop, Krueger was brutally murdered, the first casualty on my road to completing the Alolan island challenges.  Rest in peace, my friend.  We barely knew ye.

From there I decided to train some more before battling the Kahuna, ensuring Scarfield evolved along the way.  Although the Kahuna was able to use his Z-Move on me, the team survived and we rolled onward towards the second island.  The first encounter there was a bit scary as some story-based NPCs asked for a duel, using two pretty powerful Ice Pokemon.  Fortunately, Scarfield was at the front of the line, so he was able to make quick work of them.

753fomantisI swiftly worked my way through the first few areas of the island, picking up seemingly weak Pokemon along the way.  I did, however, find a replacement Grass-type Pokemon in case Sophie ever gets picked off in the future, so all was not lost.

The first island challenge seemed like it would be easy as I had the type advantage, and for the most part it was.  When battling the Totem Pokemon, Sophie was reduced to 7 health, but she hung in there and was able to finish things up without issue.

With three Z-Crystals in my hand, my team and I are ready to progress towards the next island challenge!

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Current Party

726Torracat.png 732trumbeak 088grimer-alola 548petilil 746wishiwashi-solo spr_6x_egg
Scarfield Woody Goldymoldy Sophie Dory
Torracat Trumbeak Grimer Petilil Wishiwashi Egg
Starter Route 1 Hau’oli City Melemele Meadow Brooklet Hill Nursery Helpers

Boxed Pokemon

235smeargle 021spearow 041zubat 041zubat 506lillipup 128tauros
Pierre Needles Deplorable Frustration Fluffy  Beast
Smeargle Spearow Zubat  Zubat  Lillipup Tauros
Route 2 Route 3 Seaward Cave  Ten Carat Hill Route 4   Paniola Ranch
Route 5

Dead Pokemon

 Hau’oli Cemetary