Gotta Catch ‘Em All #2

Let's Plays

DevinRogersAbout three weeks ago, shortly after the announcement of Pokémon Sun and Moon, I decided to finally put on my big boy pants and try to be the best like no one ever was.  And by that, I mean that I set out to capture all 721 Pokémon.  This is by no means a menial task, and it is one that requires patience, dedication, and endurance.  With a limited amount of Pokémon available in each game, you ultimately will have to rely on trading for a large portion of the Pokédex.

In my arsenal are the following cartridges:

  • Pokémon Platinum (End Game)
  • Pokémon Soul Silver (Early Game)
  • Pokémon Black (End Game)
  • Pokémon Black 2 (Early Game)
  • Pokémon Y (Mid Game)
  • Pokémon Alpha Sapphire (End Game)

When I first began my quest, my Pokédex looked like so:


In the past three weeks, I’ve captured or traded for just shy of 90 Pokémon bringing my total to:


I’ve been primarily concentrating on the original 151 Pokémon.  Numbers 1-90 are safe and secure in their boxes, so filling in Box 4 (Pokédex 91-120) is next on the list.  That said, if I come across anything I don’t have, or if I can evolve something else using my Level 100 Blissey Secret Bases, then I will.

Nintendo is currently running a promotion where they will give out the legendary birds from the first game: Moltres, Articuno, and Zapdos.  You need to sign up for the Pokémon Fan Club Newsletter by this Friday, April 22nd, so if you’re interested make sure to add yourself to their mailing list!

I’ll check back in next month with another Pokédex update.  Hopefully the Dark Souls 3 / Uncharted 4 combo doesn’t keep me from my trainer duties.