Uncovered Final Fantasy XV: What’s the Point?



DevinRogersIn a couple weeks on March 30th, SquareEnix will be hosting a 2-hour event at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles entitled Uncovered Final Fantasy XV.  It is expected that at this event we will finally find out Final Fantasy XV’s release date.  We will probably also see new footage of the game and learn more about its story and gameplay mechanics.

As excited as I am for more information about the game, I can’t help but ask myself why they are having this event.

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), the biggest convention for game announcements and media coverage, is coming up in June.  SquareEnix took the stage last year in their own E3 press conference to announce new games and provide details on other upcoming titles.

So why would they opt for a stand-alone event months ahead of E3?  Initially I believed that this signified the release of Final Fantasy XV no later than August of this year.  SquareEnix should want at least three months of marketing, so it wouldn’t make sense to wait until E3 to begin the media blitz for any release date before September.  However, the latest rumor from Gematsu about the game is that it will be releasing on September 30th, 2016.

That would mean the Uncovered Final Fantasy XV event is being held six months before the game’s release.  Why?  What would be the point of having this event when E3 is just a few months down the road, over three months before the rumored release date?

I believe they have good intentions, but I feel like they are trying to reach the casual audience here as opposed to the more traditional Final Fantasy players that will be paying attention during E3.  This smells an awful lot like the Xbox 360 MTV reveal, only with less Doritos and Mountain Dew.  I doubt they’ll go to that extreme, but still.

Assuming the game’s release date is in fact September 30th, what then?  Are they even going to have Final Fantasy XV be a presence at E3?  If so, we’ll have already had our fill from the event in March, so anything new will likely be swallowed by other E3 announcements.  If the game skips E3, then they’d really be stretching the final run up to release.  Granted, they can go to Gamescom in August, but that convention doesn’t have the same visibility as E3.

Instead of being one of the defining voices of E3 2016, SquareEnix has chosen to let Final Fantasy XV speak now and ask us to “please be excited” when the game releases in six months.  Of course, the September 30th release date is still just a rumor.  Should the game come out before then, I feel the Uncovered event is justified.  However, in a year with lots of Game of the Year potential, SquareEnix is taking an awful risk letting their biggest candle in years burn too bright too soon.

Whatever the case may be, they can still count on me to be there day one.



4 thoughts on “Uncovered Final Fantasy XV: What’s the Point?

  1. Square Enix has never been one to make good on their promises or marketing. Even if they announce an official release date, I wouldn’t be shocked if they delayed it like most AAA titles have been doing this year. I would assume, announcing in March a September release would provide them with enough time to finalize the game without delay. It also puts them on a VERY public timeline to make them deliver. Announcing a release in June, in my opinion, would give them more wiggle room to delay until 2017, something I still believe may happen.

    1. First of all, thanks for reading! While I agree with your notion that SquareEnix has trouble sticking to their dates, I don’t think that padding their release window to ensure no more delays should have any affect on when the release date is announced. If they know that September 30 gives them plenty of wiggle room to finish the game, then they should wait until E3 to announce it. They don’t care about public scrutiny as has been seen time and time again over the years. Telling the public the release date six months in advance won’t prevent them from delaying if they feel it’s necessary. I think they’ll be very happy, though, to get this game out the door and end its legacy. They’re probably more than ready to move on.

  2. This game has been in development just a couple months shy of half my life at this point. I don’t think they’re going to lose anyone else in the next six months of waiting. In addition, it’s not like they’re really been *that* secretive for the past year or so, what with Episode Duscae and their developer’s diaries or whatever they call their recent videos. There’s still plenty to reveal, but you can construct a pretty good approximation of the final game with all that detail.

    Square really doesn’t use momentum like other companies, regardless. They announced the VII remake at last E3, and showed footage at PS Experience late last year, but they’re still not planning to even start releasing that in parts for another year yet, I don’t think.

    I think this is going to be their attempt to really catch the public eye again, and they can do that better with 3 months of mumbling before E3, and then really stoking the fire from there on.

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