Uncovered Final Fantasy XV Info Leaks


DevinRogersDue to a Gamespot snafu, we now have confirmed information about what will be announced at the Uncovered Final Fantasy XV event later this evening.

First off, the rumors were true: Final Fantasy XV is releasing on PS4 and XB1 on September 30th.  Why they felt the need to have an event for the release date six months in advance, I will never understand.

Though few specifics are known, there will be a new Final Fantasy XV demo dropping “today,” which will likely come soon after the Uncovered event ends.  By playing and finishing the demo, you will unlock an exclusive Carbuncle summon in the main game.  Allegedly this will be the only way to obtain the summon.

Though these are likely the major announcements, they’ll have to fill two hours somehow.  Expect lots of footage and more tidbits later this evening.