Uncharted 4 Graphics Impressions


DevinRogersWow.  The following may seem like hyperbole, but it’s not.

Right up front, I need to let you know that the screenshots below don’t do justice to Uncharted 4.  In motion, the game is a wonder to behold, and it easily boasts the most impressive visuals I have ever seen in a video game.  Physically-based rendering should be the default for every game going forward.

Once I made it to the area below, fairly early on in the game, I walked around in a daze marveling at the scenery and taking screenshots.  I expected Uncharted 4 to look good, but I wasn’t prepared for this level of quality.  It is clear both in stills and in motion that these are game graphics and not photographs or videos, but the line is beginning to blur.

The facial and character animations are incredible, easily the best in any game I’ve played.  They’ve grabbed my attention during every cinematic; the immersion is unreal and I’ve been totally invested from the get go.

To think that an entire campaign at this quality waits ahead… this is so exciting!  What do you think of Uncharted 4’s visuals?

The blend from sky box to ocean is masterfully done.
Though everything still looks like it’s from a video game, the reflection from the sun on the ocean as it wraps around the rock sticking out of the water is breathtaking.
The combination of haze and lighting makes the plants on the cliffs in the background look photo-realistic.  Watching them waft in the breeze while maintaining the same visual quality is stunning.
The contrast makes every leaf on every piece of foliage pop out.  Wow!