Overwatch: Overpriced and Overhyped


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DevinRogersAdmittedly, this article has somewhat of a click-bait title. However, this isn’t commentary meant to drive site traffic due to a controversial opinion. My goal is to give those of you on the fence about Overwatch something to consider when deciding on whether or not to make a purchase.

Let’s get this out of the way up front: based on my Overwatch Beta impressions, the game is pretty great. It’s fun, beautiful and polished, all things fans expect of Blizzard titles. I am not in any way insinuating Overwatch is a bad game. However, having played the Overwatch Beta on PlayStation 4, I firmly believe that Overwatch is both overpriced (on consoles) and overhyped.

Addressing price first, there is a discrepancy between PC and console versions of the game. On PC you have the option of the $40 base game, or you can spend $60 to get an “Origins” edition that includes extra in-game skins for your characters and a variety of cosmetic items for other Blizzard games. On both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, you only have the option of the $60 Origins edition.

This is something that has been lamented by gamers since pricing was first announced for the game. However, it is my opinion (can’t stress that word enough) that even at $40, the game is still too expensive. Overwatch defenders will argue that you get what you pay for in quality, that multiplayer-only games are unfairly devalued, and that all post-release content for Overwatch will be free. “Why wouldn’t you pay $40 or even $60 for this amazing game?

Buyer’s remorse. I am no stranger to multiplayer-only or multiplayer-centric games. I thoroughly enjoyed Battlefield 4 and played it primarily for its multiplayer component. I do not regret purchasing that game on Day One at all (despite its many launch issues). However, with a game like Star Wars Battlefront, I almost immediately regretted my purchase. The game looked beautiful, it was fun, but after a few hours I was bored.

And that’s what happened to me after just five hours with the Overwatch Beta: I was bored. Sure, there were plenty of characters I didn’t try out, but I’d had my fill of Overwatch’s three game modes. I have played more than enough multiplayer shooters to know that this game wouldn’t have long legs for me. So why shell out $60 now when I can wait until Black Friday, scoring a cheaper deal and benefiting from six months worth of post-release content?

It’s for the same reasons above that I believe Overwatch to be generally overhyped. I do not disagree that some fans will have a different opinion and pour hundreds and hundreds of hours into the game. However, I think a lot of people are getting sucked into the Blizzard hype train. Blizzard fans are extremely excited for Overwatch, as they should be, because it is the first new Blizzard IP in nearly 20 years. That excitement is infectious, and coupled with the fact that Overwatch had an extremely successful beta and is a good game, I feel many gamers out there are going into the Overwatch launch with stars in their eyes.

Again, I don’t think everyone will be disappointed. There will be many loyal fans of this game, but I feel we’re going to see a lot of folks falling off the bandwagon after a month or two. If you are on the fence about whether or not to purchase Overwatch, I recommend you wait. Wait for a few weeks, pick up some other games, see how things play out. If you ultimately decide to jump in a couple of months down the line, you’ll likely benefit from a price drop. However, if we find that Overwatch doesn’t turn out to be the next crown jewel in the multiplayer FPS crown, you’ll have saved yourself some time and money. E3 is just around the corner, after all – no better time than the present to save for future games.

Did you play the Overwatch Beta? What were your impressions? Am I being too cynical, or do you also share my concern that some Overwatch fans are destined for disappointment? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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