Nuzlocke Moon #1: We Have To Go Back, Litten! We Have To Go Back!

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DevinRogersI love Pokemon. Though I am not so dedicated to EV train and IV breed my way to the most mathematically powerful team, I have partaken in every adventure released by Game Freak. Having been on many of these adventures, though, I wanted to spice things up a bit with Pokemon Moon.

To do so, I’ve decided to partake in a Nuzlocke challenge. Generally speaking, there are two rules for a Nuzlocke run. I have listed them below (the top two) in addition to other rules I will be observing:

  1. You can only catch the first Pokemon you encounter in an area. If you fail to catch it, you don’t get a Pokemon from that area.  No breeding for extra Pokemon, no trading (unless to evolve a trade-only evolution), nothing that would allow the collection of Pokemon outside of catching in the wild or through natural game progression.
  2. If a Pokemon faints, it is considered dead and must be released.
  3. All Pokemon must receive nicknames.
  4. No EXP Share.  That’s cheating.

So with that out of the way, let’s get started!

725littenI’m going into Pokemon Moon blind, having been on a media blackout for the game.  I usually roll with a Grass starter, but this time the best looking Pokemon was Litten (which I named Scarfield).

The first thing I noticed upon stepping out into Route 1 was that the story and game progression are wildly different from previous games.  I caught a Pikipek named Woody, and with my first two Pokemon I cleared the whole first area without issue.

732trumbeakI cleared the city area, the cemetery, and Route 2 before finally working up the courage to attempt the first island challenge.  By then my party was starting to look pretty decent.  I had picked up an Alolan Grimer (Goldymoldy), a Smeargle (Pierre), and a Ghastly (Krueger).  I was cautioned that the challenge would be difficult, and that once I entered I couldn’t leave until the challenge was complete.  Being a bit nervous, I decided to grind out some experience and stock up on items.  Pikipek evolved into a Trumbeak, and with four Pokemon in the level 14/15 range, I felt I was ready to proceed.

At first things seemed to be pretty easy.  Alolan Rattatas weren’t exactly pushovers, but I was expecting something worse.  The first Raticate gave me a bit of a problem, though, but I managed to get through it.

Then came the Totem Pokemon.

Holy crap, the game difficulty spiked hard at this point.  Not only was the Totem Pokemon088grimer-alola a stronger Raticate than what I had just fought, but it also opened up the ability for wild Pokemon to summon help.  With a super strong Raticate calling down Rattatas, and doing pretty strong damage by constantly lowering my Defense, I thought I was screwed.

548petililFortunately, Goldymoldy had high HP and decent defense.  Using a couple X Defense and X Attack items, plus a TON of potions, I was able to poison the Totem Raticate (after it used a Berry to cancel out my first poison attack).  It became a matter of survival at that point, and I was able to weather the storm and escape the challenge unscathed.


Since then, wild Pokemon have been calling for help like crazy.  However, I’ve managed to keep everyone alive through to the Melemele Meadow.  With the Kahuna battle looming, I thought it would be best to write a good news story about my first Pokemon Moon adventure before the Stunfisk really hits the fan.

Be sure to continue this adventure through the Let’s Play landing page!

Current Party

725litten 732trumbeak 088grimer-alola 092gastly 548petilil 019rattata-alola
Scarfield Woody Goldymoldy Krueger Sophie Byakuya
Litten Trumbeak Grimer Ghastly  Petilil Ratatta
Starter Route 1 Hau’oli City Hau’oli Cemetary  Melemele Meadow Verdant Cavern

Boxed Pokemon

235smeargle 021spearow 041zubat
Pierre Needles  Deplorable
Smeargle  Spearow  Zubat
Route 2 Route 3  Seaward Cave

Dead Pokemon


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