E3 2016: Electronic Arts Press Conference Review

Commentary E3

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DevinRogersWell, that sucked, and I’m not sure how to approach any meaningful discussion of the content they presented.  I don’t understand why EA felt the need to spend time and money for a press conference that could have been quickly (and cheaply) summed up with a short article and some YouTube videos.  The entire presentation was very corporate, yet sloppy and unprofessional, but most importantly, out of touch with their gaming audience.

Things started off with Titanfall 2.  I am not too familiar with the original, but I noticed they did make a point to call out the PlayStation 4 version (the original game was Xbox One console exclusive).  After a quick-cut multiplayer gameplay montage, they announced a full single-player campaign, and showed another montage for what to expect from the story.  It appears you will be taking the role of a man who will be forced to pilot a Titan due to extreme circumstances.

They cut to Peter Moore in London to show off a brief glimpse of the new Madden.  The irony.

Then came Mass Effect Andromeda.  “We can’t wait to share more with you this Fall.” What?!  After a quick behind-the-scenes developer documentary, they moved on to FIFA.  They stiffed one of their biggest franchies… again.

I haven’t played any of the FIFA games, so I don’t know if this is the norm, but they are adding a story mode centered around a named character.  Seems like a cool idea, almost like an ESPN documentary.

They brought out a nervous developer to discuss a new title called Fe, which looks like a 3D version of Ori and the Blind Forest, albeit with a different visual style.  Proving they don’t know what they are doing, the presentation consisted of throw-away talking points from the developer while a screenshot montage played on-screen.  Then they showed a brief gameplay demo.  The whole segment only needed the gameplay video and a couple of sentences about what it is and when to expect its release.

Laughably their Star Wars segment consisted of “We are making multiple Star Wars games, please be excited.”  Nothing more.

To end the show they brought out a 20 second Battlefield 1 teaser.  After some unnecessary talking by the developer, they replayed the same 20 second trailer but now extended with more footage.  Fortunately the second roll of the trailer was very impressive and got me hyped for Battlefield 1’s release in October.

That said, it was a completely forgettable conference and one that shows EA is ignorant to the expectations of their audience.  If they didn’t have some fantastic developers in studios such as DICE or BioWare, we likely wouldn’t be giving them much, if any, attention.  You can look for the conference on YouTube if you wish to waste your time, or you can watch the best part of the conference below.