The Gaming Resume Replaces Devin Rogers Gaming


DevinRogers Gaming ResumeThe Gaming Resume

On today, the first birthday of Devin Rogers Gaming, we are rebranding the site into The Gaming Resume (notice the new fancy URL).  It’s been an awesome first year filled with reviews, impressions, failed experiments, and sometimes even controversial opinions.  The transition to The Gaming Resume allows us to build up an even stronger presence in year two without being tethered to one person’s name.  After all, this site wasn’t made to celebrate someone’s opinions, it was made to celebrate video games.

Admittedly, especially over the past six or seven months, the website has been rather slow-going. However, in the last couple weeks, we have launched two new recurring series (Music Spotlight and Screenshot Spotlight). These articles are just the beginning, though. We have plans for more original content, details of which will be coming soon over the next few weeks.

Why The Gaming Resume specifically?  As new content is rolled out, the reason will be revealed.  Suffice it to say, we intend to use the motif of a work environment as a vehicle for exploring game content.  Gaming and work usually don’t go hand in hand, unless you work in game development. We think this will be an interesting way to talk about the games we love.

Thanks to all of Devin Rogers Gaming’s followers and visitors.  We’re eagerly looking forward to sharing the 2017 gaming year with you all!  Welcome to The Gaming Resume!