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Dragon Ball FighterZ – All Hands Podcast #09

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Dragon Ball FighterZ – All Hands Podcast #09

Dragon Ball FighterZ is the Gaming Résumé we discuss in this our 9th All Hands Podcast.  In addition, we also look at our most disappointing games of 2017, the best games of the 2000s, and some of our new meta-games such as Job Classes and Pokémon Mastery.

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  • Ice Breaker – 2017 Most Disappointing Games
  • Gaming Résumé – Dragon Ball FighterZ
  • Team Building – Best Game of the 2000s
  • Forecasting – Monster Hunter: World Metacritic Score

About the All Hands Podcast

The All Hands Podcast is The Gaming Résumé’s central commentary outlet for video games.  In every episode we begin with a gaming-related Ice Breaker topic to stir up some quick discussion.  We then discuss a single video game in our namesake segment: The Gaming Résumé.

In this segment, we provide a brief preview of an upcoming video game.  First off, we look at the game’s story, gameplay, visuals, soundtrack, and other items.  In addition, we discuss what about the game gets us hyped, what about the game is cause for concern, and we acknowledge whether or not we personally consider the game to be a “day one” purchase.

Other highlights of the All Hands Podcast include Staff Notes, a segment where we discuss current events in gaming news.  The 1-on-1s segment is where we interact with our viewers by answering questions they submit.  Most noteworthy, the fan-favorite Team Building Exercises provide some fun entertainment.  Lastly, our Forecasting segment has consequences throughout our podcast episodes as the Gaming Résumé crew competes to see who is the best at predicting the future of gaming-related review scores and game announcements.

While these are the main segments of the All Hands Podcast, there are many others that we incorporate.