Music Spotlight: Sonic Adventure, Azure Blue World

DevinRogersMusic Spotlight is a series that aims to draw attention to video game music and its impact on the narrative, gameplay, immersion and emotion of video games. If you enjoy what you hear, you are encouraged to play the games the music comes from and experience first-hand how it is used.

In this entry, we take a look at the track Azure Blue World …for Emerald Coast from the game Sonic Adventure for the Dreamcast.

Sonic Adventure, Azure Blue World …for Emerald Coast

I will always remember the Sega Dreamcast as the first console I bought without parental assistance.  The driving factor behind the purchase was Sonic Adventure. Though I beat the game, I don’t remember too much about it except for the first level.

Emerald Coast feels like one massive set piece.  From the jumping killer whale to the “look, we got the springs and loops to work in 3D” gameplay segments, Sonic Adventure’s first level was a memorable experience.  But what really raised it up for me was its theme music.

Azure Blue World …for Emerald Coast encourages a kick-start to Sonic’s sprint with a quick drum fill and some electric guitar, all before transitioning to a caribbean-themed, rocking tune.  Combined with speedy gameplay and gorgeous visuals, this track made the experience pure euphoria for my high school self.  To this day it reminds me of a fast-paced version of The Beach Boys’ Kokomo.

Though it has some softer sections, Azure Blue World doesn’t take a break until after the 3-minute mark.  By then, unless you goofed up somewhere, you had probably already progressed to the next area and new music.  The beauty of being composed this way is that the music encouraged you to run fast with Sonic.  But for players who struggled to complete the level in three minutes, it gave their ears a quick breather to help them concentrate and get back on their feet.


What are your thoughts on Azure Blue World …for Emerald Coast?  Are there other tracks from Sonic Adventure that you enjoy?  Let us know in the comments!

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