All Hands Podcast February 2017

the gaming resume all hands podcast

All Hands Podcast February 2017 In our inaugural All Hands podcast, we review the gaming resume for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.  We also discuss Mass Effect: Andromeda, Nintendo Switch Joy-Con connectivity issues, and more.  Be sure to open the video on YouTube to access time stamps.  Visit our YouTube channel and … Read more

The Gaming Resume Replaces Devin Rogers Gaming

The Gaming Resume On today, the first birthday of Devin Rogers Gaming, we are rebranding the site into The Gaming Resume (notice the new fancy URL).  It’s been an awesome first year filled with reviews, impressions, failed experiments, and sometimes even controversial opinions.  The transition to The Gaming Resume allows us to build up an … Read more

Music Spotlight: Final Fantasy Tactics, Ovelia’s Theme


Music Spotlight is a series that aims to draw attention to video game music and its impact on the narrative, gameplay, immersion and emotion of video games.  If you enjoy what you hear, you are encouraged to play the games the music comes from and experience first-hand how it is used. In this entry, we … Read more