Another World of Warcraft Expansion… Yay?

Today Blizzard announced that the newest World of Warcraft expansion, Legion, will launch on August 30th, 2016, and I don’t know how to feel. If you’ve read any articles about Blizzard’s ultimate RPG then you’ve probably seen someone lament about being stuck in the World of Warcraft cycle.  They subscribe to the game, play hard … Read more

Impressions: Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ

Kingdom Hearts χ has been an episodic web browser game in Japan since 2013. Earlier this week, SquareEnix released a modified version of the game called Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ for North American iOS and Android phones. The game takes place before the events of any Kingdom Hearts game to date, including the fabled Keyblade … Read more

Series Analysis: Dark Souls vs. Bloodborne

Series Analysis will be a set of articles that I want to use to further enhance the discussion around the games we love. I would like to start this article by breaking down two concepts: why games were difficult in the early days, and how Demon’s Souls came to remind us of that difficulty from the NES … Read more